Rahul Rana is a venture builder and investor with specialties in finance and astrophysics, which he is studying as a junior at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. He is currently building a frontier biotech research lab, Arcadia Science, where he's focused on incubating startups within the in-house moonshot factory. He recently spent a year as a Venture Associate at Lux Capital, a $4bn deeptech venture capital firm.

At Lux Capital, Rahul sourced & diligenced startups related to space, life sciences, climate, and the complex systems that push frontiers. He also worked on incubating two startups—a biotech company with the thesis of harnessing the "superpowers" of non-model organisms and biodiversity for human medicines, and a space company.

He is the author of Making Moonshotsa deep dive into the mindsets, philosophies, and strategies conducive to building moonshot companies. "Moonshot company" entails three things: taking an advanced science or deep technology and using it in a radical solution to solve a big problem in the world.

He became intrigued by deeptech at an early age when he explored his father’s laboratory at the legendary Bell Labs. Rana has discovered the “ecosystem” of what makes a great moonshot company. He has transferred his fascination with researchers and startups that make giant leaps in scientific and technological progress into a prescription. His call to action for entrepreneurs is to embrace what appears at first glance to be impossible, but is actually quite practical when following the best mindsets and strategies harnessed by those who have come before.  

In the past, Rahul has worked at SafeStamp—an anti-counterfeiting nanotech startup—and Knowt, an AI-powered app that turns notes into review quizzes, flashcards, and assignments. For both companies, Rahul worked in all things nontechnical (operations, sales, business development, marketing, finance, etc.). He also has worked at the Alchemist Accelerator and at Contrary Capital in content creation roles. Furthermore, Rahul also interned in the NJ-6 Congressional District Office doing public policy work.


DMs open at Twitter and LinkedIn. Feel free to reach out!

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