Going Down in History

I believe in speaking things into existence and maximizing serendipity. Here are my career goals.

To Make Moonshots

My book (https://www.amazon.com/Making-Moonshots-Rahul-Rana/dp/163676620X) serves as my guiding principles, now I will put it in action by mastering the deeptech ecosystem.

  • VC: Become a deeptech venture capital investor, where my primary thesis will be investing in planetary health: space, life sciences, climate, and the complex systems that push frontiers.
    • Be a full-stack investor: pre-seed/commercialization to growth stages
    • Sourcing, evaluating, due diligence
    • Picking winners + Convincing them
    • Helping companies after the fact—I'll be every founder's acting chief of staff
  • Startups: Incubate as many moonshot startups as possible. I'm currently working on a biotech company, but that is just the first of many. I will be a venture investor + builder.
    • Currently: drug discovery from non-model organisms & biodiversity + a space company.
  • Academia: Improve the infrastructure, incentives, and attitude around science & help commercialize scientists' research from lab to market. Also to rebuild Bell Labs or make a new one—it's the reason I ever became interested in deeptech.
    • Currently: building a frontier bio lab—the Bell Labs of Bio.
  • Entertainment + media: Be the bridge between science fiction and science fact in a way that inspires the masses and galvanizes the general public. I want to create movies, immersive experiences, theme parks, and more + to be a science communicator.
    • Currently: short film on mental health & resilience
  • Government: Be in a position of influence where I can enact policies that will solve big problems in the world.
    • Things like climate change, homelessness, etc. are all policy failures
    • Yes, I know I sound naive in saying that but we all gotta start somewhere