Making Moonshots

published December 2020 // available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and Kobo.

In Making Moonshots, investor and operator Rahul Rana asks the question: Why should we live in a world of incremental scientific and technological progress when the human race has proven in past eras that we are capable of so much more?  

The world faces major problems. It is time for conventional thinkers to stand aside and give way to the crazy ones, the contrarians, the radically creative geniuses who work outside the box to create massive breakthroughs. In what is both a prescription for building successful deeptech startups and a call to arms to generate highly moral, deeply influential solutions that will positively affect the lives of billions, this book will teach you:

  • The mindsets and philosophies of the greatest trailblazers of the past and present.
  • Actionable strategies fueled by moonshot thinking.
  • The complex ecosystem and all of its necessary moving parts for creating environments conducive to deeptech business operations.
  • A tangible and reasonable course for entrepreneurs that will result in sustainable profitability and extraordinary global-changing results.

Rana predicts a new golden age is about to erupt in modern times. Dare to dream bigger. Let’s make some moonshots.

Praise for Making Moonshots

“The outermost edges of science and technology hold huge potential. In Making Moonshots Rana writes inspiringly how our boldest, most necessary ideas are within reach, and how anyone can be on the path to reducing human suffering by way of entrepreneurial ventures. This book is a toolkit on how to do just that." — Josh Wolfe, co-founder of Lux Capital

“By demystifying moonshots, Rahul puts them closer within reach. He makes a clear and compelling case for entrepreneurs to swing for the fences.” — Max Altman, co-founder of Apollo Projects

“Where is the frontier? In his Endless Frontier, Vannevar Bush argued that scientific research alleviated ‘the burden of the common man for ages past.’ But in our time, with all the low-hanging fruit seemingly picked, where should society look for new advancements? The answer, as it was in ages past, is to invest in the bleeding edge of technology beyond software. For those looking to make a dent in the universe, Making Moonshots suggests that deep technology is our only viable option of going back to our Star-Trek future.” — Anirudh Pai, Head of Business Development at Superpeer, Angel Investor, Podcast Host

“This is an impressive contribution to a neglected but vital topic. Breakthrough technology holds the key to humanity’s fate over the next century. Rahul’s book is an illuminating guide for entrepreneurs who want to harness it for good.” — Matt Clifford, founder of Entrepreneur First

“Deeptech is so misunderstood, Rahul introduces us to it in a simpler sense. Making Moonshots covers what is commonly left out in tech startup books, you’ll explore what it really takes for a complicated organization to make it in a way that is fun and interesting.” — Adam Arafat, Author of BE SOMEONE

Making Moonshots details the rise of some of the most influential companies of our time, and perhaps of all time. Rahul explores the marriage of science and technology to create solutions that have altered the trajectory of mankind.” — Josh Lasky, Author

“Rahul brings us a new perspective on moonshot companies by exploring the ambition and mindset of prominent entrepreneurs.” — Julie Willis, Author

“In reading Making Moonshots, this is the kind of mindset we needed when addressing our recent global pandemic, COVID-19. I look forward to the ripple effect of change Rahul inspires through this book.” — Priyanka Surio, Director of Data Analytics & Public Health Informatics at ASTHO, Author

"Making Moonshots makes deeptech accessible. If you’re looking for insight into the journeys of some of the most successful companies of the twenty-first century, and to avoid being bored out of your mind by a economics textbook, this is the perfect read for you and for anyone seeking knowledge-filled entertainment." — Mackenzie Finklea, Author of Beyond the Halls

"By cutting through the buzzwords that we now take for granted, Making Moonshots is a well-researched, articulate work on the role of technology, innovation, and venture capitalism in our 21st century society. Rana takes the reader on an interesting journey by sharing best practices and insights about an industry that can otherwise feel mysterious." — Anjana Sreedhar, Author of Healthcare of a Thousand Slights

“Rahul Rana makes a strong case for the societal and personal impacts of moonshot companies and radical creative thinking. Making Moonshots embodies the message that ‘the best way to predict the future is to create it,’ and the book provides clear and actionable insights on how to apply the moonshot mentality to one’s own dreams and ambitions, making it a valuable read for everyone.” — Shobha Dasari, Author of Hacking Healthcare

"If you have a moonshot in you, Rahul Rana will inspire you to make it a reality. He does a great job of helping you understand those intangibles of success, when beginning your tech startup journey, that no one tells you about." — Rahul Prakash, Author of Unblocking Blockchain

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published December 2020 // available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and Kobo.